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Currently there is NO Waiting List processing fee. But Hurry ! After

our waiting list fee will be $50.00 for 1 year inclusion. Go to Waiting List page and register now!

We does not provide guarantees of placement or timeframe for placement. The wait list is a fluid process of changing ages of children, start dates, consideration for siblings, returning families, etc. and therefore, concrete numbers are not provided.

We do our best to provide as much lead time as possible when offering a placement.

  • Families will receive an email confirmation when Waiting List registration is completed and email plus SMS message about placement offer when place become available.
  • It is strongly encouraged to respond to these emails and SMS promptly to ensure consideration for future openings.


Service FAQ


What if I’d like to enroll but the center doesn’t have space available?
We suggest you register with our Waiting List . By registering, you are confirming your strong interest in our center. We will add you to our waiting list and you will be offered a space as soon as one becomes available. A child currently enrolled or registered with our Waiting List has priority over the general community and getting into our 1st preference. Our goal is to accommodate families as soon as space allows. During the entire process, we will keep in touch with you regarding your status.


How Discounts Works?
Our discounts and promotions is settled monthly. Look updated discount status for current month at right column of Price table. Discount will be applyed to daily regular price shown at Price table and adjust your weekly payment accordingly.To be illegible for discount you need to participate in our center events and promotional programs. For more info please register as our affiliate.You will be notified by email and SMS about new available discounts and bonuses.

Can I combine discounts with other promotions and bonuses?
Yes, You can combine discounts with other promotions. For instance, as a new client you can receive a free days bonus after attending our free special tour and add it to current monthly discount available for your age program. To be illegible for discount you need to participate in our center events and promotional programs. For more info please register as our affiliate.


Can I apply referral bonus to my tuition fee?
Yes. We are offering $100.00 referral bonus for each enrolled referred client. This money you can apply as credit to your child’s account with us or receive as a payment to your Paypal account. For more info go to Affiliates page.

Facts To Know About Our Center

  • Ages: 12 weeks to 12 years.
  • Hours: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday thru Friday Year Round.
  • Meals: We offer 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner.
  • Security: Fenced playground, (currently implementing state of the art security video monitoring system with remote access for parents’ peace of mind).
  • Location: Convenient location in quiet and secure place.
  • Activity: All year round indoor and outdoor activity.
  • Education: Special courses and development games.

Our Age Programs

We Are Offering The Following Age Programs For Children:

  • Infants: 12 weeks to 12 month.
  • Young Toddlers: 12 month to 24 month.
  • Older Toddlers: 24 month to 36 month.
  • Pre-School: 3 years to 4 years.
  • Pre-Kindergarten: 4 years to 5 years.
  • Kindergarten: 5 years till school.
  • Young School Age: Grade 1 to 5.

Age Tuition Programs

We Are Offering The Following Tution Programs For Children:

  • Infants: communication, fine motor, emotional and cognitive skills development.
  • Young Toddlers: communication, fine motor, emotional, cognitive and social skills development.
  • Older Toddlers: communication, gross motor, emotional, cognitive and social skills development.
  • Pre-School: communication, phisical, emotional, cognitive and social skills development.
  • Pre-Kindergarten: communication, phisical, emotional, cognitive and social skills development.
  • Kindergarten: communication, phisical, emotional, cognitive and social skills development.
  • Young School Age: communication, phisical, emotional, cognitive and social skills development.

Our Education Programs

Our education programs include:

  • Learning languages: English, Russian, Spanish
  • Reading, speech and language development (Communication, Audio Lessons, etc.)
  • Music lessons (singing, logo-rhythmic exercises, etc.)
  • Gymnastics and dance lessons (gymnastic exercises, different styles of dance, etc.)
  • Mathematics (definitions about numbers and geometric shapes, compare of numbers, etc.)
  • Basics of computer training
  • Technical and artistic children’s construction, basics robotics (constructor Lego and designing on a platform of Lego Dacta, Origami)
  • Basics of courtesy and etiquette
  • Arts and crafts (drawing, modeling)
  • Life safety basics
  • Natural science
  • Puppet theatre
  • Children Yoga
  • and more, more, more


We have the best prices in the business

We considering each situation individually and will design a price package to best match your requirements. Individual rates vary by age, number of children in the family, full-time versus part-time, special education requests, current discount*, place availability and our special promotions. Our goal – provide the best quality with the best price! Below is a general price guideline, showing that our rates are significantly lower than rates of national competitors.

* Click Here For Monthly Discount Info

When you stop by for a tour, we’ll be happy to provide you with a customized rate schedule that fits your needs. To request tour Click Here



Children’s Yoga

Our children, learning and practicing special children’s yoga with a certified instructor.

Multi Languages

Our children, learning and fluently speaking English, Spanish, Russian languages

Developing Games

Our children, entertaining with specially selected physical and mental development games.

Healthy Food

Our children enjoying specially selected healthy and delicious food, including fruits and vegetables.


We believe you and your child will love our program so much that we’re willing to guarantee it. If after you enroll, you become dissatisfied with our service, for any reason, we will refund up to one week’s tuition, no questions asked. Try us and see what a difference our program will make for your child!
We also promise your family that we will be outstanding role models for your child and create respect for authority and the value of good citizenship in your child. We guarantee your child will be fully prepared for Kindergarten.

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Our Services
Our Services

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