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  • Peace Of Mind

    You will have true peace of mind knowing that your child is in good professional care in our secure facility and transparent service, (we are implementing remote video surveillance system) guaranteed.

  • More Free Time

    You will obtain more control over your time and an ability to accomplish current tasks and achieve goals during the day, knowing that you are not sacrificing your child’s well-being.

  • Harmony Child Development

    You will enjoy watching your child physical, mental and social progress and development as a result of our special exercises and care programs. Your child will be happy, calm and comfortable with us.

  • Saved Money

    You will save money and enjoy special rewards and discounts by participating in our special contests, events, affiliate and referral programs. Our service-the best choice for your family budget.


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Call: 267-225-6575

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239 Highland Ave, Penndel, PA 190947




Children’s Yoga

Our children, learning and practicing special children’s yoga with a certified instructor.

Multi Languages

Our children, learning and fluently speaking English, Spanish, Russian languages.

Developing Games

Our children, entertaining with specially selected physical and mental development games.

Healthy Food

Our children, enjoy specially selected healthy and delicious food, including fruits and vegetables.


We believe you and your child will love our program so much that we’re willing to guarantee it. If after you enroll you become dissatisfied with our service for any reason, we will refund up to one week’s tuition, no questions asked. Try us and see what a difference our program will make for your child!
We also promise your family that we will be outstanding role models for your child and create respect for authority and the value of good citizenship in your child. We guarantee your child will be fully prepared for Kindergarten and school.

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Five Golden Stars Day Care
239 Highland Ave.
Penndel, PA 19047

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